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“Simultaneously unsettling and beautiful” - Will Not Fade


These People Here are a Seattle-based quintet who lace sophisticated harmonies over propulsive rhythms.  Their music recalls the mathy alternative rock of the 90s, infused with eerie synths and virtuosic vocals.


The band is made up of guitarists Rebecca Gutterman (Medejin, ex-Pablo Honeys) and Rian Turner (Guest Directors, Obscure Colors), vocalist/synth artist/lyricist Aileen Paron (Scarlet Season/ex-Pablo Honeys), bassist Jen Fox (Model Shop/ex-Way South), and drummer Sam Gutterman (Forlesen, ex-Kayo Dot/Maudlin of the Well). A survey of the members’ other projects reveals a wide variety of musical pursuits and interests evident in These People Here’s sound, including drone, dream pop, shoegaze, progressive metal, power pop, and an affinity for a certain well-known English experimental rock quintet.


Their debut release, A Bitter Seed, landed in November 2016. In its review, Northwest Music Scene noted that “the amount of ambition on display, on top of just how much talent its individual members pump into every song, makes this release one of those special albums that you don’t see very often.” The seven songs on that release were written and refined on the stages of some of Seattle’s most beloved venues, including Barboza, Columbia City Theater, and The Tractor Tavern. 


All’s Well That Ends, their first full-length, will be released by Topsy Records in late summer / early fall of 2021. The album showcases the band’s evolution into a formidable collective whose songs reflect measures of the darkness and light of the last few years—delving the depths of love, loss, isolation, anger, and the fragile flame of hope.  


The band partnered with engineer Derek Moree, who tamed the layers and crafted a cohesive and dynamic mix.  Rachel Field of Resonant Mastering provided the final polish and shine.  


Like nearly every band on Earth, These People Here are looking forward to the day when they may safely return to making loud noises in the sorts of scarcely lit public places where they’re likely to see friends, tip their bartenders, and resume being properly social - albeit occasionally introverted - animals once again.



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